I started seeing Danielle after Dr. Kolli referred me to her for therapy. I was unable to function in college because of my anxiety and Danielle helped teach me ways to get it under control. Her kindness, warmth, and genuine interest made me comfortable and I was able to talk about what was bothering me. She provided great tools for me to use when I felt anxious and I plan on going back to college next semester.

Helena in Neptune

Dr. Kolli is an excellent clinician: responsive, insightful, and compassionate. She places a high priority on patient safety and well-being. My brother deals with mental illness and mental disability; she immediately put him at ease and carefully helped us resolve a medication compliance issue. She proactively coordinates with other members of my brother’s health care team to ensure medication safety and optimal outcomes. She is extremely personable and a pleasure to work with.


I have seen several therapists and I have not found someone as talented as Danielle.  I felt an immediate connection and she has helped me take control over my life again. I felt like I was always someone’s mother or someone’s wife, but lost “me” in the picture. I feel like my work with Danielle allowed me to rediscover who I am again.  I can’t recommend her enough!

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