Couples Therapy

Are you and your partner experiencing seemingly intractable differences? Do you find yourselves in ongoing conflicts over finances, parenting, or other day-to-day issues? Do you struggles with intimacy?

Challenges like these are startlingly common in long-term relationships, and a majority of couples experience difficulties at some point in their journey.

Couples therapy involves talking through areas of conflict and emotions like anger, sadness, and unmet expectations. The goal of couples therapy is to help couples improve their ability to communicate, develop empathy for their partner’s point of view, and take steps toward more productive ways of relating.

The KPA Approach

Our approach to couples counseling is warm, interactive, and practical. Our goal in working with couples is to gently uncover the deeper feelings and needs of the individuals and guide them towards a healthier connection. Both of our therapists are highly skilled in helping couples work through intimacy issues, chronic conflict, affairs and infidelity, communication issues, parenting issues, and addiction problems in relationships. Couples who work with Monique and Danielle learn how to create more productive ways of relating.