Child & Adolescent Therapy

Many children and adolescents enter difficult stages where they act out, withdraw, experience moodiness, or experiment with risky activities. For teens, the stresses of increased schoolwork, busy schedules, and changing brain chemistry can wreak emotional havoc.

Research consistently shows how effective therapy is at addressing many emotional and behavioral problems. Therapy for children and teens focuses on helping them build important skills for meeting all kinds of life challenges. The skills enables them to be more successful in school, get along better with peers, and manage the stress of a demanding and often confusing modern life.

The KPA Approach

Our therapists use a warm, compassionate approach to talk therapy to help set your child at ease and help them focus on constructive steps toward improving emotional wellness.

Children and adolescents who see Monique or Danielle for therapy will find an attentive and thoughtful listener and trusted ally. They are both uniquely skilled in helping young clients develop awareness of the underlying issues and lead them towards greater control, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.