Adult Therapy

Do you feel unsatisfied with life, regardless of your circumstances? Are you grieving a loss you can’t seem to get over? Do you feel lost or trapped in a downward spiral? Are you stressed or overwhelmed? Do you struggle with depression or debilitating anxiety? Are you having work or relationship problems?

If you answer Yes to one or more of these questions, you may benefit from psychotherapy.

The KPA Approach

Whether you need short-term counseling or on-going support, our therapists will work with you to make treatment choices that fit your lifestyle, highlight your personal strengths, and respect your convictions.

Our therapists offer a holistic and collaborative approach that begins with listening and understanding your goals. They offer nonjudgmental feedback and support while helping you identify the unhealthy patterns that are holding you back. Together, you create a treatment plan designed to bring peace and balance in your life and optimize your wellbeing.