Children & Adolescent Psychiatry

Children and adolescents commonly face issues that are challenging, if not impossible, for them to battle alone. Studies estimate that half of all chronic mental disorders manifest in childhood. Untreated mental health disorders can seriously impact your child’s health, and can lead to significantly negative personal, social, financial, and community consequences. Fortunately, pharmacological advancements and therapy interventions have created treatment options that can help your child fulfill his/her full potential. The key is to seek treatment as early as possible.

The KPA Approach

For more than a decade, Dr. Kolli has worked with children and adolescents of all ages—from as young as four years old to college age. She provides compassionate and skilled psychiatric treatment, offering young people and their parents much-needed support, perspective, and healing.

Each child is different. Dr. Kolli thoughtfully formulates treatment plans that address individual issues, challenges, and symptoms. When paired with ongoing and constructive therapy, medication can be a highly effective component of managing conditions such as depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders.

Dr. Kolli takes a conservative treatment approach to medications. You will never feel pressure to add prescription medication to your treatment, but you can take comfort in knowing the option is available under Dr. Kolli’s care. If you choose pharmacologic management, Dr. Kolli will explain all details of your medication and work closely with you and your child to find the right course.