Adult Psychiatry

Life is complicated and often difficult. At some point during the journey, we are all vulnerable to feelings of stress and sadness, or more serious illnesses, including clinical depression, generalized anxiety, bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorder. Research shows that one in four people are affected by a mental health issue in any given year.

Either paired with ongoing therapy, or alone, medication can be a highly effective component of managing psychiatric conditions.

The KPA Approach

With expertise in evidence-based medicine and holistic, complementary treatments, Dr. Kolli is a seasoned physician who designs personalized strategies to help make lasting changes to flourish mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Dr. Kolli provides individualized and comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and takes great care in gathering the information needed to make a diagnosis and form treatment recommendations. She spends time with patients to determine the catalyst for the appointment, what is working well in patients’ lives, and what they would like to change. She will collaborate with your other health care providers to ensure she has all necessary information to help you achieve your mental health goals. Once a diagnosis has been reached she will present all possible treatment options, including those that do not include the use of medications. When she prescribes medications, she attempts to use the lowest possible doses and fewest amounts of medications possible.