The KPA Story

A native of Freehold, Dr. Kolli earned a masters in public health and doctorate in medicine, and completed her residency and fellowship at the world-renowned University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Since 2004, Dr. Kolli has practiced in a variety of mental health settings, preparing her to open her own private practice in 2012.

Her goal was to build a multidisciplinary and collaborative center where clinicians from a variety of backgrounds could provide excellent care. In 2017 that vision became a reality when Kolli Psychiatric & Associates (KPA) was formed  and talented therapists were added to the practice.

Kolli Psychiatric & Associates stands apart from many solo or group practices because it provides both psychiatric and therapy services in one center. Mental health services are best delivered when talented clinicians use a team-based approach. Having your psychiatrist and therapist in the same practice enables a level of collaboration that is difficult to replicate.

However, KPA also extends this collaborative philosophy to include working with clients who have existing relationships with therapists or psychiatrists.